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Hello my name is Joleen and I am the main carer at Carter's Pet Services. 

Here's a bit about me and the team and my background with animals.

I now own 2 German Shepherd dogs. Skye my oldest sadly passed away on the 24Th September just shy of her 13th Birthday.

Leaving a rescue dog Spirit who is 9 years old & Nero now 6 Years old and 2 cats that i rescued Storm and Red.

I generally have the odd foster puppy or rescue dog in my care for reabilitation too.

I know how important my own pets' welfare is so I can understand just how important it is for you to put your trust in us.  That's why I am insured through Pet Business Insurance and Police checked & First Aid Trained.

Carter's pet services was established in 2007 and is one of the longest standing pet care providers in the central Birmingham area with over 13 years experience caring for pets running this company.

My passion and thurst for Knowledge of animals inspired me to obtain an OCN in Canine Behaviour, OCN in Canine health & welfare including nutrition and an OCN in Teaching dogs that i gained at Solihull College back in 2011/2012.  In August 2019 I was also awarded a Higher Distinction Level 3 CPD in Canine Nutrition and Higher Distinction Level 3 CPD in Holistic Health for canines. I have over 17 years experience with training to the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme and obedience work and also Agility Training.  Ive also had all sorts of pets everything from cold water fish, and an aviory of birds, Rabbits and Hamsters the list is endless.

On my quest to fulfil my own dogs needs, i have also done multiple courses in Tellington TTouch,Tracking tasters sessions and improvers courses. Scent Detection & IPO. I also do various activities to keep myself and my dog's stimulated like Canicross, Bikejor, Hiking, Paddle Boarding (Canine SUP) and Canine Canoeing.  

I am experienced in several methods of dog trainingwhich can help dogs to adjust and cope with various scenarios,  I am always happy to privide 1-2-1 help or recommend any of the services I have used along with training tips and advice. 

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